Scenes From a Nightmare

In case any of you have forgotten, my friend Jill submitted this post today to remind us of the horrific scene that played out in Washington, DC two years ago today. Look at the pictures, whether you want to or not, and be grateful that what very nearly happened that day, didn’t. President Biden will be awarding the Presidential Citizens Medal today to twelve courageous people who stood in resolute opposition to donald trump and his mob. They did so at great personal sacrifice, up to and including their lives. This absolutely cannot, MUST NOT ever happen again. It’s on all of us to make sure it doesn’t. Larry

5 thoughts on “Scenes From a Nightmare

  1. Thank you so much for sharing my post, Larry. This is a day that will live in our minds forever, much like 9/11. On that day, foreign terrorists tried to destroy our country, but on January 6th, it was terrorists from within, one of whom occupied the highest seat in our government, who tried (and thankfully failed) to destroy it. Their efforts continue and we must keep up the good fight. Thanks again!

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