9 Reasons Why Primary Votes Matter More — Political⚡Charge

TokyoSand at politicalcharge.org posted this reminder about voting in primaries, along with some very good reasons to do so. Please give serious consideration to what she says. By the way, my fellow Texans, ours is March 1st. Get it on your calendar. Thanks! Larry

If you want to shape politics, there are few ways to be more impactful than voting in a primary election. Nationwide, primaries only see an average of 20% turnout. Instead of delving into why people don’t vote in the primaries, let’s talk about why people SHOULD vote in the primaries: ✦ With fewer people voting, every…

9 Reasons Why Primary Votes Matter More — Political⚡Charge

Who’s the Boss? — The Chester Chronicles

This one is for all my fellow cat owners/lovers out there. Izzy and Lizzy got a big laugh out of this. (Although Pixel scared them a little.) Apologies for the occasional profanity, but hey, I didn’t write it. Larry

The Battle of Vitamix Though Canada doesn’t have the volume of involvement in military conflicts as the United States, they don’t shy away from fighting, and we’re not talking hockey brawls. Canada has taken part in many of the greatest conflicts in recent memory; World War I, World War II, Korea and Afghanistan. Now, it’s […]

Who’s the Boss? — The Chester Chronicles

No more room in the inn (and hospital)

I promise I’ll come up with an original post soon, folks, but lately, so many other bloggers are so eloquently addressing issues which concern us all, I feel everyone must read them. Here’s the latest example, from Keith, whose writings I greatly respect. Larry


We have a relative with multiple chronic issues who is now in great pain and cannot stand up on her own. She was sent to an urgent care clinic because the hospitals are full up. She is now waiting in line at the nearest hospital to get a MRI as they cannot figure out what was wrong after the Xrays at the urgent care clinic showed no breaks.

Yet, if she is admitted, they may not have any hospital beds. You see, the hospitals are overrun by COVID patients who the significant majority of which have been unvaccinated. Yesterday, I read two things of import to this issue. In my metropolitan city of about one million people, there were only 66 hospital beds available in all hospitals within 30 miles. That was in the morning.

I also read of the death of one of my favorite singers, Marvin Aday, better…

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Give Credit Where Credit Is Due! — Filosofa’s Word

I understand why certain people are negative about President Biden’s accomplishments thus far, but it seems nobody, including members of the media, is willing to give him any credit, preferring instead to characterize his presidency as a failure. And I’m damn tired of it. And so is my friend, Jill Dennison, whose post I’m pleased to share:

President Biden is doing the best he can, folks, given what he has to work with!  No one man can solve all the nation’s problems … he needs the help of others, but the only thing President Biden is getting from others is obstruction and criticism.  Thus far, I think he’s done a pretty damn […]

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due! — Filosofa’s Word