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Here’s a good helping of perspective for all the whiners out there during this Covid-19 crisis. What we’re asked to do doesn’t compare even a little bit to what our parents and grandparents lived through. Surely we can sit at home a little longer.


I have no idea who wrote the following piece, but it strikes me as worthy of wider dissemination than it has had so far. My son sent it to me the other day and said, simply, “it was written by a co-worker.” It strikes me as particularly important given the fact that we are all feeling fed-up with the coronavirus and all that it entails. We simply cannot wait until things go “back to normal” — refusing to admit to ourselves that there may be no return to normal and that the “new normal” will be like nothing we have ever experienced.

In any event, we wallow in self-pity since few of us has ever had to deny ourselves much of what we want. This is, after all, the “Age of Entitlement” not only in the schools but in the homes as well. We buy on plastic and run up…

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Patience, Grasshopper …

Here’s a brilliant piece from one of my favorite bloggers about what “reopening “ would look like.

Filosofa's Word

There are those … a great many, from the so-called ‘president’ down through the ranks … who advocate for opening everything back up right now.  My own friend Scott (sklawlor) has very strong views that to keep businesses shuttered is draconian and is hurting people.  Yes, it is hurting people, hurting small businesses, but the alternative may well be 1,000 times worse.  So, I’d like to paint a scenario of what I think will happen in those areas that choose to re-open now.

First of all, if every business opened tomorrow, most would find themselves without adequate staffing.  Some people will be afraid to return to work, as the U.S. is still seeing more than 1,000 deaths per day.  Others will not be able to return to work, for they will have no childcare with daycare centers and schools closed.  Still others will not be able to return to work…

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There’s a Killer Out There

I know you’re getting anxious to go back to work.

I know you’ve got bills to pay, and you’re worried.

I know you’re just flat tired of sitting around the house, and that you think your precious freedom is being taken from you, and you really need that hair cut by now, and all the other reasons for wanting your life to get back to normal.

But friends, it can’t. Not yet.

There’s a killer out there, a silent assassin, and it’s got one hell of a body count that grows exponentially by the day.

It’s not a hoax. It’s not “just the flu.” It’s the real deal.

You may not like it; I don’t. But you can’t ignore it, deny it, or refute it, just because you’re scared. The best you can do is acknowledge it and follow the warnings of the health experts trying to prevent the spread of it.

Get this straight: Nobody is trying to deprive you of your freedom or your rights.

They’re trying to keep you from dying. Plain and simple. This is a major public health issue, and it takes precedence over the economy. Period.

It’s about trying to stop a killer, one that doesn’t care if you’re white or black, male or female, Republican or Democrat, urban or rural. It is ruthlessly indiscriminate, and we must do all we can to defend against it.

That means staying home.

That means wearing a mask if and when you go out.

That means washing your hands religiously.

That means social distancing.

That means not marching downtown with your automatic weapon and trying to bully anyone into opening everything back up. Grow up, will you?

This is gonna be a long, tough fight. And it’s gonna take all of us doing what is necessary to win.

So, please, folks, hang in there awhile longer. We all want things to return to normal.

But that’s not reality. Not yet.

Be safe.