The Most Chilling, Offensive Christmas Photo Ever

United States Representative Thomas Massie, a Republican from Kentucky, tweeted out this photo of his family all holding weapons and smiling, with the caption:

Merry Christmas! 🎄

p.s. Santa, please bring ammo. 🎁

God, there are so many places to go with this.

For starters, this is a man who aligns with the political party who crows about being pro-life. What about this picture says pro-life to anyone?

Secondly, Massie tweeted this just days after another horrific high school shooting incident in Michigan, which makes the picture even more disgusting due to the timing. It shows an utter lack of compassion for the shooting victims and their families, who must now face Christmas with unbearable grief. This tweet spits on their faces.

Then there’s just the unconscionable act of tying weapons to the season that celebrates the birth of the Prince of Peace. Does Massie honestly believe Jesus would love this tweet? This photo of a U.S. Representative, his wife and kids, armed to the teeth, and asking Santa for ammo?

Does this guy really not see how many kinds of wrong this is?

I sincerely hope you do, at least.

As tempting as it would be to characterize the entire Republican Party, or the state of Kentucky, or white people with this picture, I won’t do that. This is one individual, and one tweet.

But it’s enough. Enough to offend me, to sicken me, to enrage me.

This is just wrong. There can be no other reasonable reaction.

Wear Orange Day

This is a message worth sharing, so I am. I wasn’t aware of Wear Orange Day before, so thanks, Jill.

Filosofa's Word

I typically make fun of all the ‘national days’ … I mean, there are some thoroughly ridiculous ones like National Lima Bean Respect Day, National Rat Catcher’s Day, and National Talk In An Elevator Day.  However, there are a few of the national days that are worthy of being honoured, and today is one such day:  National Gun Violence Awareness Day, also known as Wear Orange Day.  I’ve made no secret of the fact that I hate guns and would happily see every last one of them destroyed, so it should come as no surprise that I’m writing about this day.

Until a few days ago when a dear friend emailed me about this day, I was not even aware of it … which likely means that most people are unaware.  Raising awareness is the goal of this day, and I aim to do my part to help raise that…

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Shooting My Mouth Off


“NEW YORK (AP) — Walmart has ordered workers to remove video game signs and displays that depict violence from stores nationwide after 22 people died in a shooting at one of its Texas stores but will continue to sell guns. (Italics mine)

“Walmart will still sell the violent video games and hasnt made any changes to its gun sales policy, despite pressure from workers, politicians and activists to do so.”

Well, hip hooray for Walmart. I feel safer already. Thanks for standing up.

(smack forehead here)

What else can I say? Guns rule.