Location, Location, Location

In these United States, you can get shot and killed…

…if you go to school.

…if you go to church.

…if you go to work.

…if you go to the grocery store.

…if you go to the mall.

…if you go to a movie.

…if you go to a concert.

…if you go to a party.

…if you go to a parade.

…if you go to a fast food joint.

…if you go to a bar.

…if you go to a park.

…if you go to a sporting event.

…if you drive.

…if you ride the subway.

…if you just stay home.

It occurs to me, the only safe place left in this country is here:

God, don’t bless America. You’re wasting your time.

Thank You, Baratunde Thurston

Who is Baratunde Thurston, you ask?

Well, I didn’t know until this afternoon, when I read something he said on his Twitter page. I discovered this tweet by way of the Zinn Education Project website. (Which I recommend you visit sometime)

Turns out, Mr. Thurston is quite the talent. Here’s what his website says:

Baratunde is an Emmy-nominated host who has worked for The Onion, produced for The Daily Show, advised the Obama White House, and wrote the New York Times bestseller How To Be Black. He’s the creator and host of How To Citizen with Baratunde which Apple named one of its favorite podcasts of 2020 and for which he received the Social Impact Award at the 2021 iHeartRadio Podcast Awards. He’s also a founding partner of the new media startup Puck and is host of the forthcoming America Outdoors with Baratunde Thurston airing on PBS starting July 5th, 2022. In 2019, he delivered what MSNBC’s Brian Williams called “one of the greatest TED talks of all time.” Baratunde is unique in his ability to integrate and synthesize themes of race, culture, politics, and technology to explain where our nation is and where we can take it.

In other words, he’s a pretty interesting fellow, and worth checking out.

Which brings me back to what he tweeted back on January 29th of this year.

It’s the most brilliant, profound thing I’ve read in a long time, and it succinctly captures the current American zeitgeist.

Let that soak in for awhile. We are showing by our actions exactly where our priorities lie in regards to children.

There can be no argument. There can be no rationalization.

And, my Conservative readers, there can be none of this:

I know this is real obvious, but no. No, it isn’t. And we will no longer tolerate it.

The kids deserve so much better. That shouldn’t even have to be said, should it?

Thank you, Baratunde. You have made an instant fan of me.

What Gun Fans Will Say … — Beauty is Imperfection

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While drawing this cartoon, I was afraid Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Texas Governor Greg Abbott would pull out of speaking at this weekend’s NRA convention in Houston, because it would be the right thing to do after a mass shooting with an assault rifle killed 19 children in their state. But fortunately, at least […]

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