Hey, Gun Lovers

Here’s a reminder of what former United States Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger – a Conservative – said on three separate occasions, regarding that precious Second Amendment to the Constitution. My apologies for the somewhat blurry image; it’s not your eyes, I promise. Larry

I wonder if the current Supreme Court Justices have heard this.

Or if they care.

What Gun Fans Will Say … — Beauty is Imperfection

I thought you might like to hear from someone who grew up around guns debunking some of the more often recited pro-gun arguments. The problem in our country is not guns; it’s gun defenders. Larry

I grew up with at least three guns in my house in Oklahoma, including long guns and handguns, and learned to shoot them when I was young. So I’ve been hearing the flawed reasoning of gun rights supporters my whole life. We are hearing them again after the mass murder of children in Uvalde, Texas. […]

What Gun Fans Will Say … — Beauty is Imperfection