April 2022 Election Calendar — Political⚡Charge

All right, voters, here’s what’s on tap for the month of April, courtesy of TokyoSand at politicalcharge.org. If you live in any of these states, be sure and mark your calendars. Then go do what is your right to do. And while we’re on the subject, look into whether your state is doing anything to deny anyone their right to vote, and make some noise over it. Thanks very much. Larry

What better way to protect our democracy than to encourage folks to participate in it? (Well, that and expanding voting rights, of course.) One of the ways we can do that is by sharing the information about elections that are happening year-round! Turnout drops by A LOT in what is called “off-cycle” elections, and historically,…

April 2022 Election Calendar — Political⚡Charge

On the Anniversary of January 6th — Political⚡Charge

It’s been a year to the day since the insurrection in our nation’s capital. TokyoSand at politicalcharge.org wrote this letter a week later, and it’s every bit as relevant today. Larry

This is the open letter I wrote to Republicans this time last year following the insurrection on January 6th. I stand by these words and find myself even more committed to defeating the party and its members who have done nothing to course correct after that tragic day. Dear Republican Party members, No, we will…

On the Anniversary of January 6th — Political⚡Charge

It’s Almost Time

All right, my fellow US citizens! As you may or may not know, Election Day is next week. Tuesday, November 2, to be exact.

A lot of us tend to miss out on these off-year elections, because there’s nothing important to vote for.

Or, so we tell ourselves.

But, these days, in the current political climate in which we find ourselves, I believe every election is important.

For example, school board elections. We usually think of those as yawners, but I’ve been reading lately about school board members being intimidated, even threatened, by people with a specific agenda. Many of those school board members end up resigning as a result, leaving open positions on the board, which the intimidators then seek to fill themselves.

We must be aware of any such activity in our individual school districts, and do what we can to prevent the bullies from forcing their misguided, dangerous agenda on our communities.

Or perhaps, there are other public offices up for election where you live. Or, like here in Texas, some amendments to our state Constitution to approve. (Or reject.)

Whatever the case, do not ignore your opportunity, and civic duty, to vote next week. Or earlier, if you have the chance. Find out what’s on your ballot, go do a little homework, and vote intelligently.

I know, this wasn’t a very exciting post, but I truly believe it’s an important topic. Our democracy is being threatened, right down to the local level. The preservation of it is in our hands, now.