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This is the second time I’ve read about this organization, and I’m blown away by its humanitarianism in times of tragedy, and its courage in the face of danger. I’m happy to make a donation to its efforts, and I ask you to consider doing the same., a nonprofit charity rating site, gives it a perfect score of 100, so you can give with confidence. And thanks, Jill, for calling attention to these folks again. Larry

I needed to step away from the politics of the day for just a few moments, and had just about decided to skip doing a morning post today, but as I scrolled through the 400+ emails awaiting some disposition, I came across one from World Central Kitchen.  You all remember them … the organization started […]

Something A Bit More Uplifting — Filosofa’s Word

How we can help: A message from Bobbi Jo Lewis, Kentucky Commissioner of Rural and Municipal Aid

Teri Carter, a writer in Kentucky, just published this post about what we can do to help those who were stricken by the horrible tornadoes in her state last weekend. Read it, share it, and help if you can. And if you want to help people in other states hit by this disaster, go to for a list of charities providing aid. These folks need help now, and Christmas is a time for giving. Thank you.

Teri Carter's Library

All photos property of Bobbi Jo Lewis.

This morning I spoke at length with Bobbi Jo Lewis, Kentucky Commissioner of Rural and Municipal Aid.

Commissioner Lewis was on the ground all day Sunday with Transportation Secretary Jim Gray, Deputy Secretary Mike Hancock, Chief of Staff Jamie Emmons and other Executive Leadership of KYTC in Mayfield, Bowling Green, and Dawson Springs.

While the pictures and video we have all seen is shocking and heartbreaking, it is so much worse in person and the pictures just don’t convey the whole story. The Main Street in Mayfield (Graves County) has been obliterated. Many residences and businesses were destroyed in Bowling Green (Warren County). Dawson Springs (Hopkins County), like the other counties, has an astounding number of homes lost, families displaced, loved ones lost and loved ones still missing. And, according to KYTC Personnel, Bremen (Muhlenberg County) was also devastated with countless families displaced…

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