Life With Lizzy and Izzy

My longtime readers know my wife and I have two spoiled rotten pussy cats, Izzy and Lizzy. They’ve been our babies for 13 years now.


Pets are wonderful. They love you unconditionally, and they always put a smile on your face. At least, ours do.

And they all have their own little quirks, don’t they? The little things that give each of them a unique personality.

Like, how Izzy chooses to drink water. We have two fountains in the house for her and Lizzy to drink from, but Izzy prefers to drink from a glass.

She always wanted to drink from Mom and Dad’s glasses, so we just let her have her own. We’re nice like that.

She’s also fond of being up above it all. Whether it’s atop the couch, the entertainment center or, in this case, the curio cabinet, she likes the view from up there.

Lizzy, meanwhile, enjoys hanging out in bags. Paper or plastic, she’s not picky; just put a good sized bag out, watch her go in, and listen to her purr oh, so contentedly.

She’s also one to never pass up an opportunity. She knows when one of us gets up from the couch or the recliner, or comes out of the bathroom, it’s kitty pettin’ time! So she comes to us pleading for attention, and we happily oblige.

(Izzy likes attention, too. From my wife. When my wife’s asleep. Not the best timing. But she mostly gets away with it, because she’s “so darn cute.”)

Truth is, they’re both pretty darn cute. They’ve been a great source of entertainment these 13 years. And we’ll keep spoiling them as long as we can.

They seem to be okay with that.


Goodbye, Old Friend

This could be an interesting week.

We’re getting rid of an old sofa at our house, and replacing it with two new rocker-recliner chairs.

The interesting part will be how my sofa-loving cat, Izzy, reacts to this change of scenery.

Believe me when I say, Izzy loves our sofa. For the entire 12 years we’ve had her and her sister, Lizzy, it’s been here, and she has enjoyed it.

Usually, she’s up top, behind my head, purring in my ear. She used to pace back and forth on it, demanding to be petted.

I think it’ll be hard for her to let go, after all these years. My wife and I feel kinda guilty about it. 🙁 Hopefully, she’ll adapt to the new furniture before long, and get up behind my head again.

I’ll be there waiting. Silly kitty.

Our Sweet Girls



Ten years ago this month, we brought these two adorable bundles of joy home from the animal shelter:

image 04924CEF-20A4-4194-B2FF-679644702E6A

Cute, right?

We don’t know their exact date of birth, but they were estimated to have arrived late March/early April. These two sisters. Lizzy and Izzy, as we so cleverly named them.

They looked so much alike, we put a drop of white-out on Izzy’s head, so we could tell who was who. (Not even noticing that Lizzy, as she does today, had more white hair in her little ears.)

A6B03992-20D3-4086-9A2A-FA9288CE1B31 BDEA03E5-BCBE-473D-A5D3-8E67451D81C7

We’d only planned to adopt one cat, but when we learned these two were sisters…well, we just couldn’t break them up, you know?

And, like any two sisters, they have their own individual personalities, along with their times of getting along and not getting along.

Mostly, thank goodness, they get along.


And they have given us so much joy in these ten years. We can’t imagine life without them.


I wrote part of this while sitting on the couch with my feet propped up and Izzy lying comfortably between my legs. Life is good.

Izzy is definitely Daddy’s Girl. She runs to greet me when I get home from work, accompanied by her audio stream of “Meow”, which she can say about a hundred different ways. She’s probably the most eloquent “meower” I’ve ever met. I don’t know what all those meows mean, but I think they all have the same basic subtext: “Give me ATTENTION!”

Although she may be Daddy’s Girl, Izzy is Mama’s Sleeping Buddy. She’ll come get in bed with us at night and, though she may visit Dad for awhile, she eventually gravitates to Mom and lies down next to her, because she knows Mom will cover her in a blanket, so she can stay good and warm while she sleeps. Only thing is, if you ask Mom, she’ll say Izzy takes up too much space in the bed. She’s sweet, but she’s a bedhog.

And, in the morning, brother, that girl is ready to eat! (Izzy, I mean, not Mom. Well, maybe, Mom, too.) You had best get her some breakfast right away. Fortunately, she’s not picky; pretty much anything you set in front of her will do. But you will hear from her until she gets it.

Izzy always wants to be where we are: in bed with us at night, on the couch with us while we watch TV…whatever you’ve heard about cats being antisocial, she ain’t that.


One thing about the couch, though: she gets up on top and lays there while she whips us in the head with her swishing tail. Gets a little annoying. Well, not when she does it to my wife, just me.

Then there’s Lizzy, Mama’s Baby. Our quiet girl. Relatively speaking, anyway. She has gotten a lot more vocal than she used to be, we’ve noticed. Used to just be a cute little peep now and then, but she’s, um, found her voice now.

She’s slightly bigger than Izzy, so we call Lizzy our “full-figured kitty.” Like I said before, she’s still got the white hair in her ears. And whiskers that go nearly to the floor. Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but not much.


Lizzy’s much choosier than Izzy about where you may pet her. Izzy’s basically an “anywhere, anytime” gal, but Lizzy prefers Mom’s closet. Sometimes Dad’s. No, I’m serious. I guess she wants privacy; she wants to feel like there’s no other cat but her in our world. They can both get pretty jealous of our attention.

And Lizzy never passes up an opportunity. When she hears one of us get up from the couch, that’s her cue to come from wherever she is in the house to the living room, where she will shamelessly try to guilt someone into taking her to the closet for some well-deserved petting. Shameless, I tell you!

Oh, and Lizzy and Izzy both love weekends; Mom and Dad are home, instead of at work all day, so they have more time to pet those kitties!! And these girls will take full advantage of that. Hey, can you blame them?

Well obviously, I could just go on about these two. They’re our precious babies, and we love them so much. We’re happy they are in our lives, and we sure hope they are a while longer.


One last thing: Studies have shown the benefits for people with depression and anxiety of having a pet, and I can definitely vouch for the wonderful “kitty therapy” I’ve received from our girls. You listen to the blissful purring of a cat sometime, and tell me it doesn’t just make your heart melt.

Or, if it doesn’t, don’t tell me. I’d rather not know.

Do yourself a huge favor: Go to your local animal shelter and find somebody (cat, dog, whatever you choose) that’s so anxious to give you all the unconditional love he or she has to give. I guarantee, you’ll gain a new best friend.

Here, kitty, kitty, kitty…




Space Invader


Once upon a time, Izzy, my spoiled rotten cat, was content simply to lie up on the back of our couch, like so:




Lately, however, that no longer seems to be good enough. If my or my wife’s spot on the couch is vacant, she has no problem with taking up residence there:




Notice, she has the remote handy, in case she feels like binge-watching.

All this, of course, is just to drive home the point that this is her and Lizzy’s house, and we are merely the caretakers.

But, we’re good with that.