Let’s Just All Kill Each Other, Shall We?

4 people are killed and others are injured after a mass shooting in Dadeville, Alabama – CNN

LMPD: 6 shot, 2 dead in Chickasaw Park shooting – WLKY, Louisville, Kentucky

Deputy shot and killed in Pope County Saturday night, another deputy and officer injured by gunfire – KSTP-TV, Minneapolis, Minnesota

A shooting near a salon in Olathe leaves two dead – KCTV5, Kansas City, Missouri

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — Three men were shot and two of them have died after two overnight shootings at opposite ends of the city, Durham police said Sunday. – CBS 17, Raleigh, North Carolina

1 killed, 3 wounded in Northridge strip mall shooting – KTLA 5, Los Angeles, California

Four wounded, at least one fatally, in Newark shooting – nj.com


In one day. Along with others I didn’t even mention.

Just another Saturday in the good ol’ US of A.

So, this is where we are, folks:

“Around one in five Americans report having a family member who was killed with a gun, according to a survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation published on Tuesday, underscoring the far-reaching nature of the country’s gun violence epidemic as politicians struggle to tackle the issue—and as the number of mass shootings in 2023 marks the worst start to a year in a decade.” – Forbes

One in five. Let that sink in a minute.

I have a pretty good feeling that all these shooters are not mentally ill, so let’s just stop blaming that.

You wanna know who I think is mentally ill? The governor from South Dakota who “reassured” a group at this weekend’s National Rifle Association convention that her two-year-old granddaughter already possesses a shotgun and a rifle.

That two-year-old’s parents are just as ill, as far as I’m concerned. I mean, does anybody think this is a good idea?

People, we’re obviously not yelling loud enough about this. We need to turn up the volume, and keep it up.

Or, we could just all go get ourselves a gun and just put an end to this.

9 thoughts on “Let’s Just All Kill Each Other, Shall We?

  1. Here’s something we can try before we resort to killing our neighbors or ourselves … Vote. Don’t wait for 2024, vote every chance you get. The rot in politics starts at the very bottom of local politics and works its way up. I have no doubt that some of the yahoos that find their way into state and federal offices got their start at that local level … where election cycles are different from the 2 or 4 or 6 year schedules of state and federal elections.

    The idea of trickle-down politics is no more valid than the idea of trickle-down economics. Both grow from the bottom up; not the top down.

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  3. We were of like minds yesterday. I’m angry, but also depressed that so many people believe owning a lethal weapon is more important than human lives, even the lives of our children. What does it take to get Republicans and others off their fat arses to initiate and pass some strict gun regulation? Does it take one of their own being killed by a man with an AR-15? Would even that do it?

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