The Deadly Consequences of One Lie — WriteSomeShit

White folks like me will never, ever fully understand what it means to be Black in these United States. It takes outstanding writers like Hannah Drake to bring me over to the window of my insular life to get a good look at the truth, and it’s as necessary as it is horrifying for us all to get a good look at it, make up our minds to do something about it, and go do it. Thank you very much, Hannah. Larry

Yesterday I learned about the suicide of Chris Wells, a leader in the Breonna Taylor Protests. I would rarely be at Injustice Square Park and not see Chris. He could not be missed -tall, slender, well dressed, often dawning sunglasses. He towered above others in the crowd, often with a megaphone in his hand. Some…

The Deadly Consequences of One Lie — WriteSomeShit

6 thoughts on “The Deadly Consequences of One Lie — WriteSomeShit

  1. Thank you, Larry, for bringing Hannah Drake’s writing to us. It made me furious and weepy and so very frustrated that our fellow Americans must so consistently live with these threats and these fatal encounters and the constant struggles for simple justice–not to mention everyday slights and indignities. We must get past this reactionary period and move forward–for the good of us all.

    How did you find her? I tried to “like” the post but was unable to do so.

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  2. I missed this somehow. But I know there is so much hatred in our country. I take comfort in knowing that my grandson claims another boy who is black as his friend. They won a “Two peas in a pod” award. The future of race relations may yet improve because of children like these.

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