Must See TV, For Real

If you care about the future of the democracy of the United States of America, you have a date in front of your TV tonight.

That is when, on prime time television, the House Committee investigating the January 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol will begin making its findings public.

And after eleven months of investigation, and over 1,000 interviews, the committee has a lot of findings.

The hearings will feature eyewitness testimony, unreleased audio and video footage and, according to a committee aide speaking on condition of anonymity, a “mountain of evidence “, including recorded accounts from Trump’s senior aides at the White House, the administration and the campaign, as well as members of Trump’s family.

The hearings will be televised live by several stations. Except, of course, Fox News. You should have no problem finding it.

I know this will be difficult to watch. We’re going to see and hear things about the insurrection, and all the people and events that led up to it, and be shocked, disgusted, enraged, heartbroken, the whole gamut of emotions.

We will also be grateful for the heroic actions of many people, some of whom even lost their lives, who prevented the violent attempt at overthrowing our democracy that came frighteningly close to succeeding.

I know Washington congressional hearings are usually not of much interest to you and me but, I urge you, please tune in this evening, beginning 7 PM Central Time. If you can’t make it, record it. Or watch it on demand.

Friends, this is way too important to miss. I hope you feel the same.

This is for our country.

2 thoughts on “Must See TV, For Real


    You might want to listen to the other side of the story. The truth is not being told by the Jan 6 committee for it is a partisan coverup. Check out this testimony by a man Jake lang unjustly help in jail for 17 mos without trial or bail. Talk about our democracy. It us threatened by those supposedly reporting on Jan 6 in the news. Try truth.


  2. Nothing about Jake Lang on your page but I’ve read articles about this arrest. He wanted to be arrested and so he was. Taking part in an insurrection will help take away your freedoms. It appears that your page is nothing more than a place to grab money from the lesser intelligent amongst us.


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