Why I Like John Pavlovitz

I’ve been following John Pavlovitz’s blog, “Stuff That Needs to Be Said,” for a few years, now. I’m always intrigued by what he has to say, and he says it well.

And yes, much of it does, in fact, need to be said.

John has been feeling, like most of us, the horror, grief and rage following the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas this week. While I have my own thoughts on the matter, which I’ll publish soon, I really want to share these three posts from John.

This is for the family. Love to all. Larry




One thought on “Why I Like John Pavlovitz

  1. Like you, I have been following John P for some time now. He is one of only two religious men that I follow, the other being Padre Steve, for he doesn’t address issues from a religious perspective, but rather from a simple humanitarian one. He has spoken the words in the past week that I just couldn’t seem to put together. Thanks for sharing …

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