Critical Race Theory is not about being anti-white

For those of you concerned about Critical Race Theory (CRT), here’s a quick and easy explanation from an authority on the subject. For your education.


       I have been studying, writing, and teaching on the subject of whiteness and systemic racism— Critical Race Theory — for almost twenty years. For the critics and detractors, let me share with you what I know and what I do.  First and foremost, let me start with what Critical Race Theory (CRT) is not. It is not “white people bad” and “black people good”.  It is not about making the white kids feel personal shame or personal responsibility for all the injustices that Black and Brown people have suffered and continue to suffer. Never, in any classroom discussion is it argued that white people do not suffer.  No one is saying that all white people are rich or that white people do not know extreme poverty.   In fact, I try to avoid using the words “white privilege” and “white supremacy” because they are…

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2 thoughts on “Critical Race Theory is not about being anti-white

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  2. CRT is Critical Race Theory? All these years, I’ve been deluded into believing that CRT was the main component of my ancient television sets and the monitor attached to my almost as ancient desktop PC. 😮

    On a more serious note, good job, Your message is clear and concise. I admire your brevity … a skill I lack (as I’m sure you know).


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