Goodbye, Old Friend

This could be an interesting week.

We’re getting rid of an old sofa at our house, and replacing it with two new rocker-recliner chairs.

The interesting part will be how my sofa-loving cat, Izzy, reacts to this change of scenery.

Believe me when I say, Izzy loves our sofa. For the entire 12 years we’ve had her and her sister, Lizzy, it’s been here, and she has enjoyed it.

Usually, she’s up top, behind my head, purring in my ear. She used to pace back and forth on it, demanding to be petted.

I think it’ll be hard for her to let go, after all these years. My wife and I feel kinda guilty about it. 🙁 Hopefully, she’ll adapt to the new furniture before long, and get up behind my head again.

I’ll be there waiting. Silly kitty.

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