Light Through the Clouds

And it’s all so much bigger than it seems
And it all overwhelms us now and then
And I’m banking on a chance that we believe
That good can still control the hearts of men

Elton John, “Answer in the Sky”, 2004


It’s weird how a song you haven’t thought of in years can suddenly reappear in your mind.

And how timely it can seem after that long.

But the above lyrics from an Elton John tune from sixteen years ago speak right to the frightening times we find ourselves in now.

As overwhelming as this whole coronavirus thing is, it is bringing out the good in so many people worldwide.

Even as it brings out the worst in so many others.

People are performing extraordinary acts of kindness toward their neighbors, their communities, their coworkers. Companies are repurposing their facilities to make ventilators and masks and other necessary supplies. Even entertainers are performing to raise money, or just to offer comfort to their fellow humans, as I mentioned in my last post.

Everywhere are examples of benevolence and goodness, of people acknowledging the gravity of the situation and the urgency of helping each other get through this unprecedented time in our shared existence. And it’s encouraging.

Especially despite the inexcusable ignorance I see displayed on a regular basis among other people who just can’t be inconvenienced with this whole thing. Their actions and their words not only shame us, they endanger us.

Good can still control the hearts of men, but sadly, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s up to us to see to it the good outweighs the bad.

Let’s do our part, even if in a small way, to make that happen.

Be safe, y’all.

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