Way to Go

Congratulations, Republican Senators! You have just rendered the United States Congress totally irrelevant.

Because of your vote to not remove donald trump from office, you have given the President permission to do whatever the hell he wants, and you can’t say or do a damn thing to stop him because, where you’re concerned, he is above the law.

Your revolting obsequiousness might be the very thing that ushers America into a new era of dictatorship.

Say goodbye to the Constitution, everyone.

And, Mitt Romney, you are my hero. It takes guts to stand alone.


This is what happens anytime I try to write about our government. It always becomes so pessimistic and depressing, I can’t stand to write another word.

And the Democrats don’t make me feel any better; they can’t even do a caucus right.


I’ll just keep the rest to myself. You don’t need to hear it.



6 thoughts on “Way to Go

  1. Here’s a thought …

    Consider a worst case scenario for the rest of us … Trump gets reelected in November.

    Now consider a worst case scenario for Trump … The Democrats and their Independent allies hold (or take even more) control of the House and, they take more than a 2/3 majority in the Senate.

    Such a scenario, though improbable, IS possible.The current Senate is 53-47 in favor of the Republicans. More than 20 of those seats are seeking reelection or are retiring. 47 + 20 = 67 That’s 2/3 of 100. Finding something for a second impeachment should be easy enough. Trump seems to be a compulsive violator of the Constitution … and, “high crimes and misdemeanors” has no specific definition in the Constitution.

    My guess is that Pence is up to his ears in Trump’s shenanigans … and, equally impeachable. Who is next in the line of succession? The next highest ranking elected person in the Federal Government, of course … the Speaker of the House.

    THAT scenario would be worst case scenario for Donald John Trump. 😁 😂 🤣

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