The Big, Epic Blog Post

You may have noticed, I’ve not written anything in a while. At least, I’ve noticed.

The problem with that is, I start putting pressure on myself. I feel like, when I finally post something new, it has to be big. It has to be grand. It has to be memorable. So it will have been worth the wait, right?

Well, get ready to be disappointed; I got nothing.

I’m coming up blank on what to write about. It’s frustrating as hell.

I don’t really have any updates on my life, of note. My depression has been mostly under control, lately, with the occasional exception. No significant physical changes. I haven’t won any lotteries. Probably because I don’t play any.

I have no insight to offer regarding the news of the day; it still alternately depresses and enrages me. And that takes a toll, as I’m sure you can empathize.

I have, however, found some blogs I really enjoy, because I find them entertaining or thought-provoking, or both. Among them are:

The Written Addiction

Filosofa’s Word

The King’s Necktie

Dare to Know

Teri Carter’s Library

Check ‘em out sometime. I think you’ll enjoy them. Meanwhile, I’ll keep wrestling with this writer’s block thing I got going.

6 thoughts on “The Big, Epic Blog Post

  1. It will happen. I have at least 5 big writing projects and 2 of them both novels intimidate me because what I have written is so good and I start to believe I cant sustaining. It. That’s why I blog it’s short and it’s to a topic. It will come it will come.sometimes you just have to write a sentence a day

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  2. I can relate. Sure as hell fed up with politics, tired of preaching to the choir about faith, don’t feel like beating my ‘positivity’ drum, and sobriety is an old story that only other recovering drunks can appreciate. Yep, I’m just an old blogging burn-out. Isn’t it grand? 😂

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