Food For Thought


Found this article interesting. The way we eat could influence climate change.

Incidentally, Yes! Magazine is a good place to find some positive articles about people doing positive things, for a change, whenever you need a break from all the bad, negative news. Although, I must warn my Conservative readers out there, it does lean to the left a bit.

We all must do our part to combat climate change in whatever way we can. Consider this as one possible way.


For the Next Generation

2 thoughts on “Food For Thought

  1. The Impossible Whopper has yet to make it to our local Burger King. I think I heard an announcement that it’s going nationwide this Thursday.

    That said, I did have an Impossible Burger at another local non-chain restaurant. My friend and I split an Impossible Burger and a regular burger. There wasn’t a perfect match, but the Impossible Burger was close enough that I may order one all for myself next time we go to that restaurant.

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