This is a very apt analogy of our President, our Congress, and us. Thank you, Teri.

Teri Carter's Library

At the park, I am putting my dog in the car after a long walk when I hear him — “Stop it,” he yells. “Sit down, I said sit! Sit, sit, sit. Knock it the hell off goddammit!” — and I turn to see the elderly man I passed half a mile ago on the trail, yanking his dog’s leash with one hand while beating him with the other.

The dog yelps and cries, cowering with each anticipated blow. I start toward them and that’s when I spot her, the man’s wife, continuing on down the trail as though nothing is happening.

“Mister, stop!” I say, waving my arms, trying to pull his attention my way. “My god, what are you doing, stop, you’re hurting your dog, please stop.” But he turns his back to me and keeps at it, his dog now upside down on the ground, and I…

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3 thoughts on “Toxic

  1. I was severely bullied in high school. When I see or hear a bully today I suffer a case of bully rage and lose any sense of reason. That’s my problem with trump. I, a normally sensible, pragmatic man become that bullied, scrawny kid in 8th grade.

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