Tweety Pie




Let me get this straight: this guy is about to occupy the highest-profile office in the world, where his every decision, every statement, every action will be reported, analyzed, second-guessed and judged by journalists, politicians, international leaders and pretty much everybody else…

…and he can’t even ignore criticism from Meryl Streep?

No, he has to tweet a nasty put down of her, then deny right to our face what she called him out on, and what video clearly proves: he did mock the disabled reporter. Get on YouTube and see for yourself, if you haven’t, already.

And, isn’t it interesting, he can’t just deny the criticism, he has to insult and demean the critic. As he himself would say in in his tweets, “Sad!”

Does anyone besides me wonder if our next President is going to spend all his time in office on Twitter? Just leave the president-y stuff to other folks, while he responds to his critics, which already are legion?

I can’t believe we have reached the point where that is even a legitimate question, but here we are, ladies and gentlemen.

What, pray tell, is he going to do when confronted by other world leaders? Tweet that they’re overrated? Compare his first-season ratings to theirs? (see Schwarzenegger, Arnold) Ask ’em, why can’t they be more like Putin? Call them out for being lyin’, crooked losers?

I say this with absolutely no remorse or regret: This man is a disgrace to the Office of the President, and he hasn’t even been sworn in, yet!

He’s got a lot of growing up to do, and fast.


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