Start ‘er Up


Yeah, I know. I can hear y’all out there.

Just what the world needs, another freakin’ blogger. Can’t spit in any direction without hittin’ one now.

Believe me, I get it.

According to scientific research, there are approximately 936 billion bloggers out there. So what makes me think anybody’s gonna read mine?  That’s something that was definitely on my mind long before I decided to type a single word.

What have I got to offer that nobody else out there does? Do I actually have anything of value to add to the conversation? Will anybody be interested in what I say? Do I ask too many stupid questions? Who’s got the cheapest gasoline near my house today?

Okay, I veered off course there. Sorry.

Then, the light bulb clicked on. What I have to offer is me. There are no other me’s out there. (At least, I sure hope not, for everyone’s sake.) That’s the beauty; every one of us 936 billion and one bloggers looks at life through a unique prism that no one else owns, so there’s room for everybody’s voice in this immense choir of humanity.

So I’ll tell you about how life looks through my prism, and you’re very much welcome to read along, and you can decide for yourself about the value/interest of my little essays. If you enjoy them, maybe you’ll send me some positive feedback. If you don’t, well…

…I can always drive.


Three years ago, I was a contented blue-collar manufacturing worker, for a company where I had spent the past 26 years. Things were going just fine; I enjoyed the work, the pay and the camaraderie with my co-workers.

Then, due to an unfortunate set of circumstances, many of my own making, I made a somewhat…ungraceful exit from that career, and suddenly found myself searching for a new one.

(Word of advice: If you’re fifty-something and still have a job, you better not lose it. Finding another one ain’t easy.)

So my older brother suggested I go apply for a chauffeur position for a limo service where he worked a few years. I thought, Well, I’ve always liked driving, why not do it for money? Long story short, I got hired, and I have found it to be enjoyable work.

For the most part. You know no job’s perfect. The hours get a bit crazy sometimes; you can be picking someone up at 4:30 A.M. or dropping someone off sometime past midnight. (Hopefully, not in the same day, but I won’t say it never happens) You’re at the mercy of Mother Nature when it comes to flights you’re waiting on arriving on time. And sometimes, the client you’re waiting for doesn’t show up, for whatever reason, so you just spent all this time waiting on nobody. Oh, and sometimes you get stuck in some enormous traffic jam on the freeway, or you have to change your route due to some unforeseen detour, or any number of fun adventures to liven up your day.

Still, I like driving around all day, not being stuck in one place somewhere. Even with bad traffic, I still enjoy being out on the road. Not in a bus or a truck, though; too big for my comfort.

And I’ve liked the people I met and drove to different destinations. Nearly all of them were nice to me, some were very interesting, and some made me laugh, intentionally or otherwise. Some sat quietly, catching up on email or tending to other business, or just catching a quick nap. Some wanted to carry on a conversation with me, about all sorts of topics.

And sometimes, I’d get the guy who’d obviously had a really long day, and when he’d get in the car, the conversation would go something like this:

Sir, would you like a bottle of water to have on the way to your hotel?

(wearily) No, thank you.

Is there something you’d like to hear on the radio on the way?

(still wearily) Just drive, will you?

Yes, sir, we’ll get going right away.

So that’s just one story. I’ll tell you some other stories about people I’ve met and driven, in addition to all the other things I may feel like sharing at some point or other. I may by turns inspire you, depress you, anger you, amuse you, or provoke some other reaction entirely. I just really hope I don’t bore you. That would be unforgivable.

So, let’s get going. Right away.

You want a bottle of water?



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